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Jiangsu prototype factory is worthy of high-quality and excellent service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-10- 05 20: 24

recently, many customers looking for Jiangsu prototype factory have found that our company needs to make prototype models. It is through the network to see the information of our company. Contact us online. Our reception staff are also very enthusiastic about the advantages and qualifications of our company.

after learning that our company has 55 CNC machining equipment and 17 years of processing experience, it is very good. The drawings were sent to us immediately. It is hoped that some suggestions can be made through our rich experience. To help them better complete the R & D design of the product. And said that the prototype accuracy made by the previous Jiangsu prototype model factory was not up to standard, which seriously delayed the research and development cycle. It caused incalculable losses, so we found our company this time. Hope for this. We hope to make up for the mistakes made through our professional technology.

after learning the customer's mind, our project manager discussed the processing plan with the production team. After confirming the drawings with the customer, start processing. Each production link is accurately measured by three-dimensional inspection equipment. Sent to the customer company the next day. The customer called back and said that the prototype we made was better than most Jiangsu prototype factories. Hope to cooperate for a long time

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