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Large prototype factory in Shenzhen-1 hour quotation follow up production progress

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-07- 10 11: 38

Shenzhen large-scale prototype factory-- The moment the extension model receives the customer's 3D drawings, it is already preparing in advance, will quote them within an hour, and then communicate the key points of prototype processing. When the customer determines to submit the order, the enterprise salesman immediately announces the prototype processing steps assigned by the production supervisor. The purchasing department, Engineering Department, programming department, CNC machining department and manual department are ready to provide customers with prototype processing progress in real time.

Shenzhen large prototype factory will follow the customer's requirements, under the strict production rules and regulations of information secrecy, the prototype model master uses advanced and complete production equipment to produce a prototype model with good quality, high cost performance and exquisite appearance. The master who has about 8 years of working experience in the whole process of prototype processing will follow up, and the salesman who undertakes this prototype model project will also feedback to the customer in real time, so that the customer has a bottom in his heart, do not have an impact on the later production plan.

The prototype with good quality and high cost performance cannot be separated from the professional technology of Shenzhen large prototype factory the team of serious and responsible and experienced masters cooperated with each other. The extension model carefully completes each prototype model, from equipment processing on raw materials to post-processing, completes every stage, strives to stabilize processing, promises quality and real-time feedback, so that customers can rest assured and satisfied.

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