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london company 3d prints bamboo bike in just 8 hours

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
A London company\'s 3D printeda bike is made of bamboo in just eight hours.
Bamboo Bike Club, in collaboration with the Design Museum in London, they carry out ground-breaking live challenges in designing, printing and experimenting with bambooframed bike.
Their innovative creation can provide a new way for bicycles.
Buildings focused on sustainable materials.
Bamboo Bicycle Club United
Founder James marl had his first trial ride.
\"We are confident that this will create a very good and sustainable future for bicycles,\" he said.
\"We used a very hi 3D printer --
But we also use simple tools and simple devices.
We cut the bamboo with a handsaw, which means that anyone can walk in and do very simple things we just did.
\"The team worked with the University of West London and Oxford Brooks University to create bikes from scratch as part of the Design Museum Bike Revolution exhibition.
Their professional bike building company teaches people to make their own bikes and wants to prove that anyone can make their own \"diy\" bikes with native materials.
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