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Longgang prototype factory-High cost performance of proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-04- 29 16: 13

which effect is good for the prototype of the lamp made by Longgang prototype factory? Some time ago, a customer from Hubei found the extension model through the network, because this Miss Wang did not know about this line, so the business Ye Gong explained to her about the prototype, let her understand what processing method her prototype should adopt is more cost-effective, and what post-processing technology is better. Then Miss Wang sent the drawings to quote.

after Ye Gong made a detailed quotation for Miss Wang, since the prototype structure of the lamp is relatively simple and has high requirements for strength, the CNC machining method is adopted. When the customer saw the quotation, he felt that the price was a little high and then blurted out'Too expensive' Friends who must have done business know that when the customer is too expensive, it just shows that she cares about this thing, just wants to take advantage of it. Ye Gong of Longgang prototype factory explained to him that the extension model is machined with five-axis machining, and can achieve 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, although the price is slightly more expensive than the peers, but the quality is much higher than the peers, this price is still more reasonable. Although the customer was a little hesitant, he signed the contract after thinking twice.

Longgang prototype factory is an expert in the automotive parts prototype industry and has 18 years of customized experience, it has now provided prototype proofing services for BYD, Beiqi Futian and Yahoo cars, with 6 years of post-processing master, 55 CNC processing facilities and 24-hour processing. If you want to find a more powerful Longgang prototype factory, look at the extension model.

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