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Longhua prototype factory-18 Old manufacturers can stand the inspection

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-06- 21 16: 34

looking for Longhua prototype factory to make a prototype is what every product enterprise will do. But it's really not easy to find the right prototype factory! Just like two months ago, a Ms. Liu found tuowei model company through Baidu search on the Internet, saying she wanted to make a prototype. But quote first! So the customer service will be handed over to Chen Gong after the customer contact information!

Chen Gong launched a chat after adding customer information. In the chat, I learned that the lady had originally found a Longhua prototype factory as a supplier. After all the things were discussed, after a few days, Ms. Liu wanted to see how the prototype was progressing, but manufacturers have repeatedly blocked. So Ms. Liu became suspicious and asked to make a video. After that, the other party has no reply! Ms. Liu realized that she may have been cheated!

just re-find a Longhua prototype factory, but because of the past, there is a lot of security! After learning about these situations, many photos of the extension model factory building were first sent and some previous sample maps were sent. Then I invited Ms. Liu to come to the field trip! After a few days, Ms. Liu took the team to visit the Tuwei model! During the visit, Ms. Liu said that tuowei model is a manufacturer who has been operating for many years! The scale is really good in the prototype industry! After that, I gladly placed the order!

so to gain the trust of the customer, in fact, as long as customers see your sincerity, they will not lose customers when they see your strength! If you don't improve your own strength, you can only give people a hand! If you are looking for Longhua prototype factory in the near future, the extension model may be your very good choice!

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