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Longhua prototype factory-Impress customers with expertise

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-12- 30 17: 46

Mr. Chen's company is doing a relatively large sweeping machine, searching through the Internet'Longhua prototype factory' Find the extension model, see the picture of Xiao Qiao robot on the website, and contact the relevant business Xiao Mo. Their thinking is that they are not as familiar as they are, because the extension model has been doing this all the time, it is more convinced that the extension is professional, but because the goods are more urgent, it is also because the company has different opinions, therefore, a project was sent to two suppliers to do it. Only by comparison can we know which one has advantages.

because the extension model did a very large and small category of robots in the early stage, it can be said that they are quite familiar with the two suppliers, one of which is first processed in the first two days, but because there are more machines in Tuowei, and there are more than ten years of manual masters, in the same payment, as a result, Tuwei has already delivered the goods. They have not yet arrived at the fuel injection step. There is also a more prominent problem. The same Cold Ash 4C, another supplier sprayed another color, there is no way, the customer returned the things to polish them and sent them to tuowei to help spray the colors in the same way. The comparison is still professional.

Later customers withdrew the list of another supplier, transfer to Longhua prototype factory for processing, quality and delivery are two essential factors in the prototype industry. Only by doing these well can customers recognize the extension model.

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