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Looking for a prototype factory-Can't be cheap

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-07- 24 11: 47

now making a prototype model is something every enterprise will do. The role of the prototype has the advantages of exhibiting, doing experiments and improving the shortcomings of the product! So the competition in the prototype model industry has always been very fierce! Especially now there are a lot of cars, there is often a need to make car prototypes! And customers will always struggle between regular car prototypes and small manufacturers!

It is not good for a regular car prototype factory, just because the price of small manufacturers is very attractive! There are always customers who want to try their luck, so they will fall into a state of entanglement! The materials used by small manufacturers are determined by the price given by customers! If a small manufacturer reports a very low price, it proves that the materials used must be inferior! If the price quoted is similar to that of a regular manufacturer, but the quality is still a little different!

It is not possible to look for a car prototype factory to be greedy for small and cheap! Just a month ago, a customer found the extension model and said he needed to make a prototype of the car! During the chat with the customer, the salesman said that he had found a prototype factory to cooperate with, and the price was very low. At that time, there was doubt, and he didn't care about it later, after receiving the prototype, I also regret it. The prototype has not started to do the experiment and is completely scrapped!

so this small case tells people, don't be greedy for small and cheap, and waste a lot of time causing economic losses to yourself! If you need to find a car prototype factory, the online customer service of the extension model is waiting 24 hours a day!

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