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new chapter for libraries

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Libraries in the future can become communities
Go where you can rent a car and cut it clean
Try on clothes on a 3D printer, show the movies you make, or thrive with the company of others. Colorado-
Thomas Frey, self.
Titled Future Architects, at the Library and Information Association conference in Auckland, the library is experiencing an extraordinary rebirth, with big cities in the center and many more
Multi-layer glass library as a gem on the community crown.
But the question, he says, is how do they continue to adapt to the lives of the people they serve?
Mr. Frey, the speaker, said that there was a possibility, in addition to books, of lending things.
In the United States, a library has started renting flight drones, and some other libraries have 3D printers installed.
\"So it\'s not just a place where you go and consume books --
This is where you make things.
The library should be a forum for exchange of ideas, Frey said.
Future stars can use the studio to record and edit their videos or music.
The library can obtain new products for community use by winning corporate sponsorship.
The company will donate products to the library to raise the awareness of consumers.
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