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now there\'s a 3d-printed gun made out of metal, and we\'re doomed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-06
It will happen one day.
It happened so soon, we are very sad. A 3D-
A printing company called Solid concept has created and tested the first oneever metal 3D-
The printing gun was announced on Thursday.
This is a 1911 pistol consisting of more than 30 3D pistols.
As demonstrated in the video below, it seems to work well.
According to the company\'s blog, Solid concep\'s \"resident gun specialist\" has so far successfully fired 50 bullets.
In addition to the spring, every part of the gun is made with \"direct metal laser sintering\" or DMLS, which is a metal part built from 3D design by blasting powder metal with laser
Dmconcept has used DMLS to manufacture customized medical devices and automotive tools.
So why do you want a gun?
\"When we decided to keep making this gun, we didn\'t try to come up with a cheaper, easier, and better way to make it.
\"This is not the point at all,\" Philip Connor of Phillip concep explained in the video.
\"What we\'re trying to do is eliminate the Universal
It is considered that DMLS parts are not strong enough or accurate enough for real-world applications.
\"Somehow, we think this has been proven by manufacturing surgical implants and automotive components.
Weapons are not needed.
Yes, people have already made 3D.
The guns printed in the past have been successfully launched, but these guns, like the infamous \"Liberator\", are all made of plastic and therefore far more dangerous than ordinary guns.
This metal gun looks like any gun you buy in the store, but is made with a 3D printer.
The important difference is that it is more difficult for the government to regulate the guns you print at home.
It\'s actually legal for anyone to make their own guns.
The good news is: you can\'t make 3D
With your running gun-of-the-3D printer.
You need a DMLS machine for about $850,000.
Also, since they are made of metal, they are more powerful, but they trigger metal detectors in 3D
Printing guns made of plastic may not.
I will be in my bunker if you need me. [h/t TechCrunch]
Correction: the story incorrectly stated the legality of making a gun by itself before.
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