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by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2018-11- Hello everyone, PC prototype is a transparent material. Although his transparency is not as high as acrylic. But it's not as easy to break as acrylic. Therefore, customers need to have a certain distinction when choosing to make transparent prototypes. Inform the prototype factory according to the use environment of the prototype. Can be processed.

Our company has been making PC prototypes for a long time in 17 years, and many customers feel either precision or post-processing. We are all ahead of many small factories because of the things made by small factories. First, the accuracy is not up to standard. Or the lack of post-processing experience can not achieve the desired results. These are common in the industry.

This is only available. We are regular manufacturers. Constantly update the equipment, constantly innovate and develop new processing technology. Only in this increasingly competitive environment has a place. Of course, we also need our careful service in the PC prototype. If there is a problem in the production process, we will discuss the solution with the customer in time to work together. The cooperation is so smooth.

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