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printing chocolate in 3d: does the medium have a message?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
It\'s only a matter of time before 3D printing technology is applied to chocolate.
Chocolate has become the most popular food representative in the world with its unique taste and rich shelf life.
Since a series of 19 th century inventions began us to eat solid foods, candy makers have patched up a chocolate novelty to make the eyes as pleasant as the palate.
The so-called 3D printing additive manufacturing has brought the art of candy to a new height.
A British company website claims that \"from copying the shape of a child\'s favorite toy to a person\'s face\"-
\"Possibilities are endless.
\"Only one printer can be purchased by the public today: Choc-
Creator, which retails for about $4,500.
But it won\'t last long.
Earlier this year, four Canadian engineering students from the University of Waterloo built a chocolate laser printer as a school project, causing a lot of buzz.
Over the past month, several entrepreneurs have started Kickstarter events and patent applications, setting up their own scanning and printing workshops.
Imagine a day when every chocolate maker will have some kind of 3D printer becoming easier and easier.
Why did so many chocolate lovers catch the 3D bug?
From a chemical point of view, rich velvet chocolatesuited to FDM (
Modeling of molten deposition)
Various types of printers, in which tempered liquid chocolate passes through the tank through a nozzle and builds a 3D edible design layer by layer.
The low melting point of chocolate is also very suitable for flash SLS (
Selective laser sintering
A technique in which a laser blends small particles of chocolate powder and cocoa butter into a delicious solid substance.
But chocolate is not just a convenient medium.
Chocolate is a popular dessert for a long time, an attractive tool that makes it easier for viewers who are skeptical about the moral and social impact of 3D printing to get a new one
The prospect of printing guns has sparked a country
Extensive moral debate;
In contrast, chocolate printing is a low-risk job.
\"We don\'t want people to design airplanes online,\" says Richard Iverson, a professor of machine learning at the University of Exeter --of-
To be realistic, \"but if [chocolate-printing]
There is a serious problem, so all you have is a bunch of chocolate instead of a fatal crash.
\"We still don\'t know how 3D printing will affect our beloved desserts.
In fact, the history of chocolate manufacturing shows that the meaning of cocoa in our culture has always had a lot to do with the physical form of consuming chocolate.
For most of its history, chocolate is consumed as a drink rather than food. The pre-
At the religious ceremony, the Aztec people of Colombia dyed the sweet-free chocolate drink red to make it look like blood.
These evil associations are hard to shake.
As chocolate migrated to the old world in the 16 th and 17 th centuries, it became the signature drink of the decadent nobility (
This is most likely because it is usually eaten at breakfast).
Drinking Chocolate on both sides of the Atlantic is an elite privilege.
It was not until the mid-19th century that this luxurious liquid could become a solid black chocolate bar.
In the 30 years since then, milk chocolate has never appeared again.
But popularize the technological innovation of \"eating chocolate (
It was called a chocolate bar)
In addition, exquisite molds and colorful packaging have also given birth to the market, giving birth to new domestic consumption ceremonies and ceremonies.
Chocolate no longer symbolizes the vitality of blood-red like the Aztecs.
Instead, it appears from time to time during meals, vacations and romantic courtship.
It began to appear in the gift box.
The great ideas behind the chocolate industry have not hurt ---
People like Joseph stors Fry and John Cadbury-
British Quakers are socially aware of the gospel of sober and honest work.
Solid chocolate therefore enjoys the best of both worlds.
Its creation evokes an unshakable belief in industry and progress in the Victorian era, but there is no social emptiness in industrial life.
Even today, we can imagine that the chocolate factory is through the eyes of angry Charlie Backett, not through the eyes of those workers who are low paid and exploited.
3D chocolate printing is still in its infancy, but it has sparked debate about the relationship between food and technology.
Can printed food coexist with the past?
More presence in local and organic sports?
Can we one day print individual molecules in a delicious combination?
Is printing food capable of feeding the world?
We will have to wait and see, but for now, one thing is clear: 3D printing will undoubtedly change the meaning of chocolate in our daily lives.
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