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Professional prototype film factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-04- 24 11: 48

There are many people who have just come into contact with the prototype industry, or know cnc machining, but the first time I heard the re-film processing, I will definitely be one, then ask, what is the film processing. In fact, I am the same. When I first started listening, I didn't know what it was. In fact, it is very simple. The Composite film is to use cnc or 3D printing to make a prototype model according to the original product, and then cover the original model with liquid silica gel. After the silica gel is condensed, the silica gel model is formed. Although it feels very simple to listen to, be sure to find a professional prototype film factory to cooperate.

is like Mr. Wang some time ago. He needs to find a prototype film factory. Then cooperated with a small factory. It was said well and delivered within four days. As a result, the delivery time was reached, and the manufacturer pushed the time again. A week passed before we got the prototype. But because Mr. Wang wants to repeat the film is a big product. This is to use a hard silica gel to make the mold, so that the things will not be deformed. So when verifying the product, the prototype all changed. Mr. Wang can only find regular manufacturers on the Internet.

Wang appeared by searching'Prototype Film Factory'Information about the extension model was found. So I came to the extension model. The salesman received the Duan Gong. Duan Gong took the Mr. Wang to the workshop to visit. After reading it, Mr. Wang felt that the employees of the extension model were more professional than the previous prototype film factory, so he made a list.

The extension model has 17 years of processing experience with an area of 5000 square meters, professional guidance for American CTO. If you want to find a professional prototype film factory, you can find a cooperation with the extension model. I believe you will not be disappointed!

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