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Prototype factory-Good service with high precision

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-11- 29 12: 02

since the prototype model can help enterprises to verify new products in a short period of time, it will be more perfect and sell better in the market. There are many prototype factories in Shenzhen, but most manufacturers either have too low precision or have a bad service attitude. Let's introduce a powerful prototype factory, which not only has high precision, but also has close service.

The prototype is a custom piece, each prototype may be different from the last one. Even the same robot prototype will vary widely in many details, testing the strain capacity of the prototype production factory, any problem in any link may lead to abandonment, so service and processing for prototype manufacturers are equally important.

started at the moment when the customer was first contacted, we will do a good job of communication in order to understand what kind of prototype the customer wants to do, how big the size is, what surface treatment needs, and the prototype production factory can give a complete solution, and details cannot be ignored. In the process of processing, the prototype production factory should feed back the production progress to the customer in time, let them know which step of the prototype processing they want to do, and also facilitate them to arrange the follow-up work.

Shenzhen prototype production plant, the accuracy can reach 0 when making the prototype. 01mm, and the service is also very good, can help you better promote new products, so as to obtain large orders in the market.

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