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Prototype manufacturer on time delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 05 15: 47

In general, customers pay great attention to the delivery of prototypes, especially for those customers who need to participate in the exhibition, if you can't show the prototype to the customer in time during the exhibition, you will lose a lot of sales opportunities; Similarly, for the project, if the prototype is not received in time, it will affect the progress of their evaluation of the new product, thus delaying the date of the new product, thus showing the importance of delivery.

However, for the prototype factory, it is not possible to deliver on time every time, especially during the peak sales season. As a large-scale prototype factory with a history of 14 years, tuowei model pays great attention to the delivery of the prototype. Even if we are busy again, we should try our best to hand over the prototype to the customer as scheduled. Take some time ago, we received a large order from an Israeli company with a tight delivery date. Our company has 38 large CNC machining centers, which is naturally no problem in CNC machining, but when it comes to manual polishing, it seems a little powerless. Therefore, the employees of various departments of our company took the initiative to go to the manual department to help after work.

The following figure shows the business department to help Polish

the following figure shows the CNC department to help Polish

through the joint efforts of our various departments, finally, the prototype was handed over to the customer within the specified time limit. Later, the Israeli customer highly praised us, and if there is a prototype in the future, we will find us to do it.

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