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Prototype model-Choose a big factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-03- 24 08: 00

There are many customers who have some confusion about why small factories are cheap when considering prototype model supplier selection. The large factory that does not trust the formal process, although the grade is high, the price is too high. Just like the customer who met with the prototype model production of Gongming today, he first found a small factory to cooperate.

after finding that the effect is not good, it is understood that the price corresponding to the good quality prototype will also be higher. But it's just cheap. There won't be any good results. So I re-searched the Gongming prototype model factory on Baidu and saw some cooperation cases of the extension model because the structure of the product met and had cooperation ideas.

leave a drawing and contact information to ask for a quotation and send it to the mailbox, the evaluation was carried out according to the customer's detailed process requirements and drawing structure. Send to the customer's mailbox in order to dispel the customer's concerns. The project manager guarantees that the full amount will be returned without meeting your requirements. This is the recognition of the company's production colleagues and the sincere service to customers. It will not be like a small factory. The Gongming prototype model customer reached a satisfactory cooperation.

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