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Prototype model manufacturer-Meet your appearance requirements

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-07- 30 17: 33

If you want your new product to be popular in the sales market, the price/performance ratio of the product should be high, the quality is good enough, and the appearance is beautiful enough, if you want to have a beautiful look, you need to find a prototype model manufacturer to cooperate. At this time, it is especially critical to find a prototype model factory that can meet your appearance requirements.

not long ago, Mr. Li in Guangzhou searched'Manufacturer of prototype model' I contacted and came to the tuowei model. Mr. Li's company is a headset product. Headphones are worn inside the ear. If the product is rough, it will definitely be very uncomfortable to wear it inside the ear. If you are not careful, it may cause scratches on the ear, so the requirements for accuracy and appearance are relatively high. The manufacturer he found before could not meet his requirements for accuracy and appearance. I didn't find a suitable manufacturer, delayed the research and development time of the product, and Mr. Li, who was in a hurry, contacted the extension model.

extension model is an experienced prototype model manufacturer with 18 years, 55 CNC machining equipment, 5-axis machining, and the accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, the average working experience of the prototype master is about 8 years. In the prototype processing industry, there are very few manufacturers like Tuowei, and the reputation in the industry is also very good. If you are looking for a prototype manufacturer, the extension model can meet your requirements for the prototype. Welcome to inquire!

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