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Prototype Model manufacturers worthy of long-term cooperation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-01- 05 16: 20

Mr. Wu contacted our Tuwei model side very early, because there was another prototype model manufacturer whose quotation was lower than that of Tuwei model at that time, I missed the cooperation at that time. As a result, the sample owner was very dissatisfied. Later, Mr. Wu contacted the extension model again.

what they are doing is an aluminum alloy piece, to be oxidized, the machine of the former prototype model manufacturer is not too good, and it is necessary to weld it. The welded things are oxidized again. Of course, many sand holes are now contacted, miss Mo, the business, analyzed his drawings one by one, slowly improved, polished to detail, then very fine sand, processed and oxidized as a whole, and the effect made was very beautiful, the customer handed it over to their customer, and the customer's customer was very satisfied. They immediately signed a contract for three years. The boss of the prototype Mr. Wu designated it for Tuowei processing.

If you are looking for a prototype model vendor worthy of long-term cooperation, you may wish to look at the extension model, 17 years of prototype customization experience and complete processing equipment, which will make you not want to change the supplier after making the prototype.

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