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Prototype of charging port for new energy vehicles-Not afraid of goods than three

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-06- 21 17: 48

many products now require a beautiful look enough to catch people's eyes! People are all visual creatures. Naturally, they are very fond of beautiful things! Therefore, the product industry should pay great attention to the attractiveness of the shell! Naturally, there will be Enterprises who need to find a prototype factory to make a prototype of a new energy vehicle charging port!

just as there was a beautiful Ms. Xu searching through the Internet half a month ago' New energy vehicle charging port prototype'. I have found several prototype factories and prototype factories to make quotations. Among them, there is also a prototype factory called tuowei model! As the saying goes, there are three goods. Naturally, Ms. Liu chose two prototype factories that she liked, and the extension model accounted for one of them! Ms. Liu is responsible for the salesman Miss Liang! Miss Liang is a very active and serious salesman, and naturally she is very attentive to customers!

because the two prototype factories compete, miss natural Liang is also eager to win this customer! I learned that customers want to make a prototype of a new energy vehicle charging port, but they have very strict requirements in appearance. After all, this prototype is to be taken to the exhibition. After understanding the situation, Miss Liang sent a lot of sample pictures of Tuwei models for foreign customers to make prototypes. Of course, this sample will only be sent to customers after the secrecy period! After seeing the picture, Ms. Liu was deeply attracted, so she asked to look at the factory of tuowei model! After a few days, Ms. Liu came to the Tuowei model and visited it for half a day. She said that she was very satisfied with the Taowei model, so she chose the Tuowei model!

two prototype factories compete, the customer chose the extension model as a recognition of the extension model! The trust of Ms. Liu will naturally not disappoint Ms. Liu! If you also need to make a prototype of the charging port for new energy vehicles, try the extension model! I believe it will be a good choice for you!

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