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Prototype of mold opening-Manufacturers with high machining accuracy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-05- 04 09: 53

The drawings of many products look very good when they are designed in the computer, but when the mold is produced, there is no response, it can't even stir up a little more in the market. Therefore, before the mold opening production, several samples need to be tested to confirm that the drawings are no problem before mass production, which can reduce the risk. These prototypes are also called mold opening prototypes.

If the mold opening prototype is made, generally, we need to find manufacturers with high processing accuracy. Because the prototype processing equipment used by such manufacturers will be better and the prototype accuracy will be high, the more accurate the results will be during the test, which will have a huge reference effect on the mold opening. The processing accuracy of the general prototype factory can only reach 0. 1mm, but the extension model adopts five-axis machining, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. More than 05mm, the error will be relatively small when such a prototype is used for trial and error, which is conducive to speeding up the research and development of new products.

This is an opening prototype made by the extension dimension model, not only have many holes, but also have to be processed many times. More importantly, the requirements for accuracy are also relatively high. Other prototype manufacturers can't do it. When the customer finds the extension model, it has already been handed over, but the extension model is made with the five-axis machine, and in terms of accuracy, it also achieves the effect that customers want.

so when doing the mold opening prototype, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with high processing accuracy so that mass production can be carried out faster, helping customers to launch new products faster, thus occupying more market share.

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