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Prototype of plastic parts-Good exhibition results

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-04- 24 11: 00

two days ago, Miss Wang needed to develop a new prototype of plastic parts. Since she was used to participate in the exhibition, the requirements for appearance were relatively high. Although the business Huang Gong said that the tuowei model has the ability to make this prototype, Miss Wang is still not at ease and decided to come to the company to see the scale and strength of the tuowei model.

few days later, after Miss Wang brought an engineer to tuowei model, Huang Gong, the relevant business manager, warmly received her and accompanied them to visit various departments of the company, when they saw the American technical director of tuowei model and the dust-free workshop, they were very recognized by the company's strength and believed that tuowei model had the ability to prototype their plastic parts. When they saw hundreds of samples in the company's sample cabinet, their confidence in the extension model increased a lot. Not long after, Miss Wang signed a contract with Huang Gong and quickly made a prepaid payment.

extension model has 18 years of experience in prototyping plastic parts, 24-hour processing, hired us cto to dominate fuel injection in terms of fuel injection, introduced foreign fuel injection technology, and also set up a dust-free workshop to ensure that the prototype surface does not touch dust during fuel injection, can help customers better participate in the exhibition. If you have a prototype production requirement, please contact online customer service on the right side of the page.

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