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Prototype processing plant in Guangxi-Low price

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 13 10: 48

is no longer the world of the 10 yuan store. After 00, we all know how to be a beautiful pig girl. If you want to remember to make a profit with cheap goods, the extension model really does not agree with this point of view. Guangxi prototype processing factory has been engaged in prototype customization for 18 years, and has specially processed high-quality prototypes for customers! Do not make a low-cost prototype, because although the order is taken, but need to apologize for the quality of the product for a lifetime.

extension model, a prototype processing plant in Guangxi with a solid factory, undertake the business of auto parts prototype, medical device prototype, home appliance prototype, 3d printing prototype and small batch vacuum mold. Do not do cheap goods, use every dime of the customer on the knife, no, the knife back. In the material selection process, the quality is strictly controlled, let alone the CNC machining and post-processing processes behind.

If the prototype supplier you have encountered before always fails to achieve the machining accuracy the effect you want, or there are always various problems in post-processing. You may wish to contact Guangxi prototype processing factory and use the five-axis machine for processing, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. More than 05mm, at the same time, the us cto is hired as the technical director, and the introduction of foreign fuel injection technology can make the appearance effect of the prototype very exquisite, so that you can better participate in the exhibition.

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