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Prototype proofing-Provide professional services

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-04- 28 11: 13

some time ago, a customer from Shenzhen, Mr. Li, searched Baidu for'Prototype production proofing' Huang Gong, who is contacted by the extension model, has a newly developed product and needs to make a prototype to verify the design of the product.

after some communication with Mr. Li, according to the 3D drawings provided by Mr. Li, huang Gong of tuowei model and the US technical director personally evaluated and provided a detailed prototype production proofing plan, and also gave Mr. Li some suggestions on product design, there are very few prototype suppliers of these services.

If you need to make prototype proofing, you might as well consider selecting the extension model, 17 years experience in prototyping, 1-to-1 guidance from US technical director, providing professional prototyping services to customers with higher quality than peers.

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