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Prototype supplier, can process the prototype within 2000mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-11- 20 17: 16

with the attention of enterprises on product proofing, prototypes are also widely used, such as automobiles, medical, home appliances, robots and other industries often have something larger in size that Needs proofing. However, due to equipment constraints, the general prototype supplier cannot process a larger prototype, therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the parts to process.

but the prototype performance processed by the disassembly is not so good, since the disassembly production is mainly to split the product into several small pieces and then splice it, it is not so good in strength, sometimes it can even see the seam marks on the outside, however, it is OK to do the appearance prototype without any requirements on strength and performance. If you want to make the prototype strength better, is it better to find a prototype supplier with a large processing schedule?

extension model is a powerful prototype supplier, and the processing stroke of equipment can reach 2000, generally, large prototypes can be processed in the whole process. The following is the extension model that uses CNC machining equipment with large equipment travel to make a larger prototype in Gong. This size needs to be disassembled in many prototype factories.

If you want to select a good prototype vendor, you might as well look at the extension model and the 2000mm processing stroke to make a prototype with higher strength for you.

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