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Prototypes can be divided into six categories according to different functions

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2017-08- 29 15: 08

prototypes can be divided into six categories according to different functions

1 ·Dissolved injection port or water outlet (Sprue)

plastic enters the mold cavity, also known as the mainstream Road. The nozzle and prototype are connected to the nozzle sleeve of the dissolved injection port, and standard parts have been formed. Some prototypes with thin mother templates do not need to be tested, and the dissolved injection port is directly drilled on the prototype.

2 · Cold material hole

cold material hole (Cold-Slugwell) The molten plastic at the front end of the nozzle has a low temperature, forming a cold slag. Open a cave on the end of the feed mouth to prevent cold slag from entering the mold cavity, causing blockage of the flow channel. Slow down the flow of materials, and form a cold material Mark binding line on the product. In order to pull the condensate from the jacket when opening the mold, the material bar is usually set at the end of the cold material hole (Top needle).

3 · Diversion Channel

diversion channel (Runne) The diversion channel is the connection part of the mainstream channel, and it is the channel for plastic to flow into the mold cavity. It can be under the condition of small pressure loss, the plastic in the mainstream channel is delivered to the gate at a faster speed. The main types are: round, semi-circular, rectangular, ladder, the ratio of the surface area or side area of the shunt to its cross-sectional area is required to be small.

4 ·Gate (Gates)

also known as the gate is the connecting part between the diversion channel and the cavity and the back part of the pouring system. Its function is to make the molten plastic in the flow channel enter the mold cavity at a faster speed. The cavity is filled with the rear gate to cool and close quickly to prevent the return of uncooled material in the cavity. Its type. Location. Shape. Diverse. The main ones are: disk shape, fan shape, ring shape, dot shape, side glue, direct glue, latent glue.

5 ·Exhaust trough (Vent)

when the prototype is completely closed, the cavity is filled with air inside the gate. The air must be discharged from the prototype during injection, otherwise it will cause burning, filling discontent, hair edges, bubbles, Silver lines, etc. The form, size of the exhaust slot. Depth varies depending on the material and prototype structure (As shown above) The main methods are: parting surface exhaust method, top needle exhaust method, insert exhaust method, waterway exhaust method, vacuum exhaust method.

6 ·Top Out system top out system (Ejectiondevice)

The top-out system is a device that removes the product from the prototype, also known as the demoulding mechanism. It is an important part of the prototype. Its form and launch method are related to the shape, structure and plastic properties of the product. Its parts have thimble, push plate, top block, oblique tip, cylinder, cylinder or cylinder, gear, etc. , it is a gap with the mold kernel, the surface area is as large as possible, located at the place that does not affect the appearance and function, pay attention to the demoulding balance.

7 ·Mold kernel of mold cavity (Moldcavity)

The mold hole is to dig the frame on the template in order to bury the mold kernel, mainly in terms of material saving and processing convenience. Some prototype mother mold side with large broken surface will not dig the mold hole and process the product part directly on the template. Mold kernel mainly refers to the product part of the prototype. Its accuracy and material requirements are higher than that of the mold embryo part. Its shape and form have different requirements for different prototypes, which is an important part of the whole prototype.

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