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Rapid Prototype factory-Identify strength manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-06- 15 15: 11

In the near future, many customers responded to see the pictures of the factory building of the extension model rapid prototype model factory on other websites, even I am very confused about which factory the working equipment and processing environment are, and the benefits of the extension model have been seriously damaged for this problem, but this is also impossible, after all, the domestic copyright awareness is relatively weak, and all kinds of plagiarism occur one after another, and those original ones have no way to take them.

Actually, it is not once or twice that the tuowei rapid prototype model factory has been copied. For example, some people have copied the articles on the Tuwei model website intact, and they have changed a keyword, and some peers are more excessive, even the machine and equipment have not been changed. It is really sad to see such plagiarism without IQ.

I believe everyone wants to find strength when customizing the prototype. rapid Prototype factory, instead of just looking at the photos, after all, the paper can't wrap up the fire. In maintaining the company's reputation, the extension model is not for anyone, so when looking for a prototype factory, don't be confused by the superficial phenomenon. If conditions permit, it is more reliable to go to the field to inspect. Powerful manufacturers are not afraid of any test!

There are 55 large CNC machining centers in the rapid prototyping model factory, when making a prototype, it is usually 3 ~ Delivery is available in 5 days. If you have relevant prototyping requirements, please click on the online customer service

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