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by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Cool prototyping is a leading provider of personal services such as product design, rapid prototyping, injection molding and manufacturing.
We can also fully integrate the various processes of creating prototypes, whether it is combining rapid prototyping, molding (including injection molding) with our expertise in plastic injection molding, product rapid prototyping technology combined with many other manufacturing services is a technology that uses 3D computer models to build 3D plastic parts.
There are three basic techniques for rapid prototyping: stereo forming, selective laser sintering, and modeling of molten deposition.
For all these processes, the model needs to be professionally designed using computer-aided design (CAD).
It is easy for inventors and product development teams to use quick prototypes to help communicate their inventions to customers, supervisors and manufacturers without the communication barriers that sometimes occur with 2D drawings and words.
The prototype is now an integral part of the design-to-
Market processes because they help to ensure that the project runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You can also communicate with the manufacturer using a rapid prototype (
Especially overseas.
Attract focus groups of investors, customers and consumers.
Use 3-easier to communicate invention or design
D prototype compared to drawings or blueprints.
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