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The accuracy of the prototype production factory is as high as 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-11- 27 23: 33

customers who are familiar with the prototype production factory know the accuracy for the product prototype. It is very important that if the accuracy is not enough, the prototype cannot be used. Or the damage in the process is also a common thing. How to avoid it? Let's tell you how to choose today.

The key factor in accuracy lies in the processing equipment, so the majority of customers should understand the accuracy index of the equipment situation in the cooperative prototype production factory. Don't just listen to the salesman's explanation. Most of the equipment used in many small factories is still recycled second-hand. So the price is cheap. If this is the case, customers should be more careful not to be pitted.

You can also find a large quality prototype factory decisively, just like us, there are multiple five-axis machining accuracy of up to 0. 01mm these are far from the gap between small factories. And in order to let our customers choose us more safely. Three-dimensional high-precision inspection certificate is also provided free of charge. Make sure your product is accurate at a glance. This is also not available in small factories. You are welcome to consult online at any time.

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