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The necessity and historical significance of prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2012-10- 20 12: 36

analysis of the necessity and historical significance of prototype model making

(1) Examining the design of the design

The prototype is not only visible, but also touchable. He can intuitively reflect the designer's creativity in the form of physical objects, avoid' It's not good to draw it out'Disadvantages. Therefore, prototype production is essential in the process of new product development and product appearance scrutiny.

(2) Check the structural design

because the prototype is assembled, it can intuitively reflect the rationality of the structure and the difficulty of installation. It is easy to find problems and solve problems as soon as possible.

(3) Avoid the risk of directly opening the mold

because the cost of mold manufacturing is generally high, the larger mold value is 100,000 or even millions, if the structure is found unreasonable or other problems in the process of opening the mold, the loss can be imagined. Prototype production can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening.

(4) Make the product launch time significantly ahead of schedule

due to the preeminence of prototype production, you can use the prototype to promote the product before the mold is developed, even in the early stage of sales, production preparation, early occupation of the market.

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