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There are so many plastic prototype factories, why do customers choose this one

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-03- 30 17: 27

' How many sets of equipment, how much accuracy can you achieve, how long it will take to deliver' Generally, Shenzhen plastic prototype customization users come to consult. Under normal circumstances, the customer service of the extension model will not answer immediately, but will go to the customer's contact information and then transfer it to the relevant business manager, quote by them. Under normal circumstances, customers will choose to cooperate with the extension model, mainly because the customized prototype here is not only high in precision, but also beautiful in appearance.

In Shenzhen, many people will feel that it is a very troublesome thing to go offline to find a prototype factory, and now the internet is developed to find information, so they often choose to find a prototype manufacturer on the Internet, there are also many prototype customization manufacturers on the Internet, but many of them are still cooperating with the extension model. In addition to the expansion model advertising on the Internet, another reason is that the extension model is a prototype factory with real strength.

This is a hub prototype made by the extension dimension model, the material used is PC, because the hub needs to bear a lot of weight, and PC is a material with higher strength in plastic materials. This prototype uses CNC machining. The surface treatment process used is polishing, fuel injection and high light, while the logo part is posted. In general, the effect is quite good. The customer is very satisfied with this prototype.

So, if you need to find a plastic prototype manufacturer, you can choose the extension model, not only the quality of the processing prototype is good, and there is a good reputation.

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