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Three Ways of rapid prototyping stripping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 01 18: 52

three ways of rapid prototyping stripping treatment rapid prototyping stripping is to separate the waste, support structure and workpiece generated by the molding process. Although SLA, FDM and TDP molding are basically free of waste, there is a supporting structure that must be peeled off after molding; LoM molding does not require a special support structure, but there is a grid-like waste, which must also be stripped after molding. Divestiture is a meticulous work, and it is time consuming in some cases. There are three ways to peel off: 1. Manual stripping manual stripping method is that the operator of Huitong prototype factory separates the waste material, support structure from the workpiece with hands and some simple tools with hinges. This is a common method of stripping. For LoM shaped products, this method is generally used to separate the grid-like waste from the workpiece. 2. Chemical stripping when a chemical solution can dissolve the supporting structure without damaging the workpiece, the prototype model can use this chemical solution to separate the supporting structure from the workpiece. For example, for the M061 dish bending machine, a solution can be used to dissolve the wax so that the workpiece (Thermoplastic)Support Structure (Wax)Substrate (Wax>Separation. The peeling efficiency of this method is high, and the surface of the workpiece is cleaner. 3. Heating stripping when the supporting structure is wax and the forming material is a material with a high melting point hinge wax, the gas melts the supporting structure and separates it from the workpiece. The peeling efficiency of this method is high, and the surface of the hot steam workpiece with hot water or appropriate temperature can be cleaner.

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