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Tianjin prototype factory-Delivery within the specified delivery period

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-06- 17 10: 45

when the customer selects the Tianjin prototype model factory, the delivery period is a factor that every company will care about. Because the punctual delivery period can let the new products developed by customers go public early, get the attention of the market and customers, and seize orders.

Miss Chen from Tianjin completed a prototype that needs to be customized for product development, because I was going to participate in the exhibition, I immediately found several Tianjin prototype model factories for comparison. Some delivery periods did not meet the requirements and some prices did not meet the expectations. Over time, she became more anxious, and at the recommendation of a friend, she contacted Tuowei and sent the drawings. After reading Miss Chen's drawings, tuowei's project manager felt that it was completely achievable. As for the time, as Miss Chen delayed some time before this, it may be a little rushed. The project manager of tuowei decided to work overtime to catch up with Miss Chen. Miss Chen was very pleased and handed over the order to Taowei.

The Master of Tianjin prototype model factory is also not entrusted, the prototype sample was handed over to Miss Chen during the specified delivery period. And promised that Miss Chen can communicate directly with Taowei if there are any problems in the follow-up. Samples made with Taowei, Miss Chen's customers also successfully participated in the exhibition. Timely delivery is not only the guarantee of customers, but also a threshold for testing enterprises. Taowei is worthy of your trust.

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