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XYZprinting To Launch $499 3D Printer In March

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
In mid-
On December, the Chinese manufacturer xinjinpo Group announced that they will launch a Affordable 3D printer to the North American market through its XYZprinting business.
At CES this week, the company released more details about its North American plan.
XYZprinting announced at CES this week that it still plans to launch the da Vinci 3D printer in North America for $499.
Printers will be available in the United States.
At that time, the United States, Europe and Japan were priced at $499.
\"Da Vinci is the ultimate 3D printer for consumers and entrepreneurs because it\'s easier and safer than anything else,\" said Shen Simon, chairman of XYZprinting.
\"With Leonardo da Vinci, we will bring 3D printing to the mainstream market by meeting the needs of consumers and SMEs for 3D printers, which are affordable and available.
\"The main advantage of XYZprinting compared to its competitors is the price, but it also shows some other features that may help it better compete with established 3D printing companies in the USS.
: Da Vinci 3D printers will be purchased at online retailers such as XYZprinting\'s website and Amazon. com.
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