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Zhejiang prototype factory-Assist customers to solve problems

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-08- 17 09: 40

Many customers don't know which Zhejiang prototype factory to look for when making the prototype, so they can only search online, then compare one by one and choose the manufacturer that suits you. The extension model is different from other prototype factories. It is continuously introduced by high-quality prototype models and their customers, thus growing steadily in the fierce competition.

so there is another customer of Zhejiang prototype factory in the current month. introduce the contact extension model, it is said that this prototype has been designed for a long time and needs to be made in a short time to better launch new products. The model is very willing to help customers deal with this problem so that they can win-win cooperation. After uploading the 3D engineering drawings, the engineering project manager carefully checked and presented a series of proposals for customers to improve the engineering drawings.

talk to customers about all kinds of difficult problems at the process level, marked after production and manufacturing details. It makes customers feel very warm and more convinced of the strength of Zhejiang prototype factory. After a few days of hard work, the prototype was finally completed and sent to the customer's enterprise. The next day, the customer called back and said that he expected long-term Cooperation. The actual effect of the commodity prototype was very satisfactory.

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