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Zhuhai precision prototype factory to help you better open the mold

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2018-11- 07 21: 08

some time ago, Mr. Zhang in Zhuhai searched'Zhuhai precision prototype factory' Contact the relevant customer service of the extension model, see the word of mouth of the extension model on the internet is very good, contact the online customer service on the right side of the website, and ask if you can process a precision prototype.

Tuwei model customer service Xiao Liu learned through in-depth communication with Mr. Zhang that Mr. Zhang opened a mold factory, his customers usually need to make prototypes before opening the mold, so they often hand over the prototype to Mr. Zhang and ask him to help find the prototype supplier. Due to the high precision requirements of the mold, we should be very careful when making the prototype, so Mr. Zhang only searched'Zhuhai precision prototype factory'The extension model was found.

clearly marked on the drawings that Zhang Xiansheng sent over, the machining accuracy should reach 0. 05mm, the general Zhuhai precision prototype factory really can not achieve this accuracy. However, the extension model is not a general prototype factory, and the five-axis machine has been introduced very early, reaching 0 in terms of machining accuracy. 01mm, it's just a little bit difficult to make this prototype. After simple communication, Mr. Zhang placed an order and made an advance payment.

after 5 days of hard work, the Tuowei model sent the processed aluminum alloy prototype to Mr. Zhang by express delivery. After testing, the accuracy reached what he required and could help him to open the mold faster. If you want to find a powerful Zhuhai precision prototype factory, look at the extension model.

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