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6 Amazing Tower Houses

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Houzz contributor and architect John Dolman said that while most of us are lucky that we don't need to live in a solid house today, the tower house still attracts our imagination.

We often think of the tower as a dark, ominous place, where the water constantly penetrates through the cold stone walls, making us shudder.

Or because the light is weak through the small windows, where our eyes are permanently expanding.

But many architects have succeeded in reinterpreting tower buildings for contemporary life.

The materials now used in buildings are no longer limited to stones (

Like these old towers)

And its structural limitations.

The use of steel racks, wooden racks and concrete has created countless structural solutions.

These options make space planning more flexible, and the choice of window openings, decks, roof terraces and stairs is almost unlimited.

They also offer more possibilities for external finishes, including wood wall panels, plywood, sheet metal, composite board systems, plaster or exposed aggregate concrete.

Tower House in Portland, Oregon is a modern metal building without decoration

The duplex Tower is located on a steep hillside and is connected back to land by a steel bridge.

Architect Benjamin weichte says its finish 'looks like a sweater with a rib '.

'It's almost like a dress.

'The House of the tower has a strong concept and in a sense it can really be considered three rooms and a building skin,' Waechter said . '.

'The reason for this is that a hierarchy is established between the main room and these supporting spaces.

The top is a living space with dining room and kitchen in the middle and the master bedroom below.

MORE: Find a local architect in the essence of HouzzThe tower and present practical problems that need to be addressed during the design phase.

Tower houses always require strict space planning and tough options.

For example, Tower residents may have to give up some ancillary space or manage it with smaller space.

The practicality of vertical loops between floors is another problem, usually limiting most towers to three levels.

How many people want to run around on tight stairs?

Access to the building in the middle level may alleviate this potential problem.

Balance Associates built the Glen Lake tower on a wooded mountain top above a lake in Michigan, as shown in the figure.

wall of metal on both sides supports three.

Story plywood box hanging on the ground.

The main living space is located on top of the dense woods surrounding it for light, air and views.

Managing a tighter space in the tower can make up for this more than the magnificent views enjoyed by some Tower residents.

This small unpainted concrete towel, designed by Marte Architects, sits on a steep hillside.

Entering through a path and a small step, it is indeed an object in the landscape with no annex building or parking lot.

'Semantically speaking, this gesture of the tower creates in your mind a prototype of reinforced structures and abstract computer graphics that make the tower look familiar and unfamiliar,' the architect said . '.

Tower houses are not limited to isolated rural landscapes.

This is a unique tower.

XS House of Uni construction-

Consists of three stacked and rotating plywood boxes.

The house is located in a crowded suburb and is therefore designed to meet the needs of privacy and light.

Although there are no large windows, the lights of the single door and corner roof illuminate the interior.

This is not a tower in itself, but a house of four towers.

The building was not planned according to the domestic functional plan, but was first designed as a tool to strengthen some of the on-site phenomena.

It is a weekend villa designed by Edwardian orgosta construction company in Cochella, California.

Four sleeping towers face four 'time and space-

Short viewing experience ': Sunrise to the east in the morning, mountains in the South, city lights in the night in the West, stars in the night above.

This is a vertical house.

The entrance is through a long, eye-catching bridge leading to the viewing deck, from which you can climb the stairs to enter the house.

The first floor is the kitchen and dining area and the second floor is the living area with the master bedroom on it.

The architect said, 'vertical houses provide urban life in the countryside.

The concept of townhouses moving to the countryside offers a unique solution to the complex topology and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

6 Amazing Tower Houses

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