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Baoan prototype factory annual meeting

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-01- 21 16: 20

which is the strong prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen? Bao 'an Fuyong looks for Taowei. Last night, Bao 'an prototype model factory made a year-end summary. Our partners in Taowei also organized a grand party together. Some clients also watched our show together. The evening party went smoothly, and the performance at the scene was also very hot. The host's gorgeous typhoon also showed the talents of Taowei.

2018, carrying the year of the dream of Tuwei people, this year, under the difficult external environment, the international situation is changing, and many Baoan prototype model factories can't afford to close down the economic pressure, but tuowei still has a strong momentum in this year, achieved a brilliant record of 48 million yuan. Withstand the pressure of all aspects, all the way through the wind and waves.

ou also made a statement at the party, he said, in the next year, Tuowei will focus on production and service. At the same price, the added value of our services will be higher, making customers feel better and have a good user experience. Although Baoan prototype model factory has been recognized and supported by customers in quality and service, we think there is still room for better improvement. Our goal is to be a professional prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen. For 18 years, the complete system, technology and thinking of Tuwei have reached a high level, and we fully reflect our positioning.

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