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best tech gifts for big spenders

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
Holiday tech shoppers typically fall into one of two camps: those looking for bargains and those who only want the best-regardless of the cost.
In last week\'s Surf Report column, we looked at the more affordable \"most cost-effective\" tech toys, so we will dedicate this space to those who have deeper pockets and pursue perfection.
In other words, if the budget is not a barrier to entry, what is the coolest technology to invest in a loved one (or oneself)?
No, we\'re not talking about a very expensive Orpheus headset by senheiser (wait for it)
$55,100, even the highest. of-the-
Line gold Apple Watch for $17,000.
Instead, here are some of the best premium gear to buy at a high price.
Maybe this is the year you picked up the 3D printer?
Fees range from $2,799. 00 to $4,399. 00 (
Depending on the color output), the best-in-
The CubePro class of 3D system allows you to print large Three
Size objects-up to 11. 2 x 10. 6 x 9.
06 inch and ultra-high-
70-resolution settings
Micron thin print layer (
About the thickness of one piece of paper per sheet for a smoother print effect).
CubePro supports three colors at the same time-
Choose from about 25--
There are three materials to choose from. This Wi-Fi-
The enabled printer includes a color touch screen, free printing software, and 25 professional-
The model is first scored.
DJI\'s Inspire 1 is more expensive than most other \"four helicopter\" drones ($2,899. 99)
Thanks to its 12-can take 4 k video-four times the resolution of HD
Megapixel camera installed on 3-
Shaft stable universal frame (
360 allowedDegree rotation).
In fact, the drone supports two users who use it at the same time: One pilot drives the drone and the other can pan and tilt the camera.
If you don\'t mind shooting it with \"just\" HD lens, the Inspire 1 can also be transferred in real timetime high-
HD video of a smartphone, tablet or FPV (first-person view)
Up to 1 goggles. 2 miles away.
Of course, Inspire 1 is an excellent drone with advanced functions such as smooth control and long battery life.
Thin is inSony is back, better than ever. Its massive 75-inch X910C ($5,499. 99)
Is the thinnest Company-
4 k Ultra hd TV-narrower than a smartphone in the thinnest places-but more impressive is almost leading --to-edge LED-
Backlit screen with lots of goodies under the hood to take amazing photos: Triluminous technology (
Color spectrum for expansion), new X-1 chip (
Help upgrade regular HD to near4K quality), and a 4K X-
Real PRO engine (
For better clarity and contrast).
Use the integrated Android TV platform, access the Google Play store, wirelessly \"Play\" content from nearby devices, and use your voice at 40-odd languages.
Sony X910C also allows you to subscribe to the PlayStation Now service to stream PS3 games directly to your TV without a console.
The first tablet with a laptop, Double dutyTruly-
Like the show has arrived.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (from $899. 00)
Provide you with a complete Windows 10 Pro experience; PC-
Ports such as USB, microSD and display port;
Powerful 6-generation Intel Core processor with at least 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM (system memory).
After you have gone through some of the ebooks, games, movies, songs and photos on 12. 3-Inch HD screen (
2,736x1,824 resolution)
, Capture the integrated keyboard and trackpad of the magnetic screen cover (
Sold separately, starting at $129. 99)--
Finish some work.
Other features of this 1.
73 pound strength: Surface Pen stylus (included)
, Integration
Angle support for tablet, up to 9-hour battery.
Sounds good, you don\'t need to set up multiple speakers throughout the home theater to replicate the movie theater experience.
As long as you have an outstanding voice, like Yamaha YSP-2500 ($999. 95)
A very slim but powerful 7. 1-
Surround sound solution.
This speaker has 16 speakers, powered by 16 am softens, to provide loud, clear and good sound
Balanced audio-including support for Dolby HD and DTS-Master HD audio
Thanks to its Digital Sound Projector technology, YSP-
2500 send a beam around the room to get an immersive sound field (a one-
Time calibration required;
Microphone and stand included).
Don\'t forget to put 130
Place a watt wireless subwoofer vertically or horizontally somewhere in your room.
With Bluetooth aptX support, you can also play music wirelessly via iOS, Android smartphones, or tablets.
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