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Do you need 3D drawings for prototype models?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2016-11- 29 12: 09

The prototype model is a very important link when the enterprise develops new products. Through the prototype, it can find out where the product design is insufficient, the design of new products is mainly verified, and the structure, appearance, size and other aspects of the product are verified. Then the prototype needs 3D drawings to be produced.

There are also many customers who only send pictures of the products to consult. ask if you can do it, here we can tell you that if only the pictures can't be done, we need to provide 3D drawings. We are processed according to the models in the 3D drawings, so we must have 3D drawings.

The 3D drawing of the product is designed by the enterprise R & D personnel or sent to the design company to help you design the 3D drawings, another situation is that you have a product in kind and can draw 3D drawings by copying numbers.

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