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Dremel presets new-gen 3D printer, boosts build volume and precision

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Manufacturer Dremel has launched a new
Generation 3D printer for Wi-
Fi is compatible and comes with many pre-loaded models.
It will be launched in the next few months, and can be launched in
Order $1,299 (RM5,295).
3 dbuilder 3D40 is a 3D printer that creates objects by building them layer by layer from a melted plastic filament.
The device has 3.
The 5 in color touch screen is used to manage the print settings and is equipped with a WiFi connection, so the print job can be started remotely. The new-
The build volume of the Gen version has also increased (254x152x171mm)
Used to make larger objects.
If needed, you can use the accompanying Print Studio software to create automatically generated objects and manage the positioning of parts while printing.
The device comes with a pre-
The loaded model provides an overview of the printer\'s capabilities.
It can print statues, toys and a variety of other works more precisely than the current version.
At the time of release, about 10 plastic filament Coolen will be available with 162-Idea Builder 3D40meter spools.
Instead of targeting its devices at creative consumers, Dremel wants to see its latest creative builder used in an educational environment.
Dremel first launched 3 dbuilder 3D20 in 2014.
The price is below $1,000 (RM4,000), this low-
The Cost 3D printer is able to make small objects, toys or parts using PLA filaments.
According to Gartner, sales of 3D printers worldwide will reach 496,475 units in 2016.
Sales of various 3D printers may more than double each year to more than 5.
Unit sales in 2019 were 5 million. —
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