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Formal prototype processing plant

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-02- 17 08: 22

Many prototype model processing plants in Shenzhen may not be very mature due to limited scale. It needs to be sent out or tested by itself, so that quality problems can easily occur. This creates a lot of problems for the delivery of customers.

so customers can reduce this risk problem by looking for a regular prototype model processing factory. Because of the 17-year-old factory like the extension model, the technical supervision is highly paid to hire the us cto for guidance. This is in line with international standards, which is one of the reasons for the selection of Tuowei. The extension dimension that the small factory does not have can also be provided free of charge, for example, three-dimensional precision detection. Small factories do not have a budget to buy such equipment, even if they provide testing outside, they will charge a fee.

But in the extension model, the accuracy detection certificate of the majority of customers can be provided free of charge. However, other prototype model processing plants cannot be carried out under the name. So you need to provide your relevant company information. If necessary, please feel free to contact the official website staff.

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