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Foshan prototype model manufacturers-Keeping customer information confidential

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-08- 21 13: 55

In Middle February, a Xia Xiansheng directly searched Baidu for the Foshan prototype model manufacturer to find the extension model! After a brief look, I launched an inquiry to the customer service! After the customer service asked Mr. Xia for the basic information, he was taken over by the salesman!

after adding the contact information of Mr. Xia, mr. Xia sent the 3D drawings to the section worker. After reading the section worker briefly, he asked Mr. Xia about the requirements for making the prototype! In fact, this prototype is not very difficult to make, mainly in a large number! Moreover, Mr. Xia's time is relatively urgent, so the time for Foshan prototype model manufacturers is not much! Required to complete all prototypes in five days!

after processing the information on the drawings, the section workers gave the drawings to the workshop! In fact, this is not to be afraid of leaks from employees in the workshop, because each drawing will be removed from the information and name of the enterprise one by one! As a regular Foshan prototype model manufacturer, it is natural to think about what customers didn't expect for customers! After that, the workshop began to operate! Although the prototype style is not complicated, the number of wins is large, so several cnc machines are allocated for Mr. Xia! In particular, the employees in the post-processing room basically have to work overtime until the early morning!

also finally made on the fifth day under this rush! In the afternoon, we started packing and sending! After the prototype arrived at Mr. Xia's hand, Mr. Xia looked at it one by one and was very satisfied with the quality of the prototype! If you need to find a prototype model manufacturer in Foshan, try the extension model!

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