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Four Features of prototype model production in Shenzhen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2014-07- 10 12: 06

The four features of the prototype model production of Shenzhen prototype factory should be exquisite, so it requires beautiful appearance and generous appearance and no defects in the interior, this requires a fine, sophisticated and high-quality prototype model to be adapted to it. At present, we have a big gap in refinement. Refinement is often ignored and we lose money. Rapid prototyping requires prototype model enterprises to shorten the prototype model production cycle as much as possible and deliver prototype models to prototype model users as soon as possible, on the other hand, it is more important to enable users to produce products quickly and efficiently with the prototype model you provide. For example, multi-cavity multi-part production, laminated prototype model, use of hot runner technology to shorten the forming time and use multi-layer composite technology, in-mold decoration technology, high-gloss seamless injection molding technology, online detection technology, multi-process composite technology, multi-row multi-station technology, etc. At the same time, the intelligent forming process also requires an intelligent prototype model to adapt. Low cost, this is to realize the low cost manufacturing and low cost supply of prototype model through the design, processing and assembly of prototype model production, it is more important to enable the prototype model users to use the prototype model to achieve low-cost production. This puts forward higher requirements for the prototype model. The prototype model production enterprise must make the prototype model users make money before they can make money. In the process of requiring low cost, whether it is a prototype model production enterprise or an enterprise using a prototype model, continuously improving management and gradually realizing information management are the common requirements and progress and development direction of the enterprise. High quality, in order to achieve the high quality of the product, the first must be the high quality of the prototype model, the stability of the prototype model must be good, the consistency of the product is also good, and the life is guaranteed. High quality prototype models are closely related to technology. In addition to the above points, many new areas, emerging industries, new components and personalized requirements will also put forward new requirements for prototype models. Therefore, the development trend itself is constantly developing.

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