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Fuyong where do plastic prototype good quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-09- 05 17: 25

prototype is a key link in the development of new products in an enterprise, mainly used to verify the drawing design of new products, the size, appearance, structure and other problems of the product are detected. In the prototype industry, the processing methods of plastic prototypes mainly include cnc machining, 3D printing and vacuum re-molding.

There are many prototype factories in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is the origin of the prototype, and most of the prototype factories are distributed in Fuyong, shajing, Songgang, these places, prototype can reduce the risk of product mold opening, avoid the problem of product design when mold opening, and many enterprises will start the prototype first.

good quality, only to win the prototype made by the customer

extension model, always take quality as a priority, and each process is processed for the customer's requirements. The processed prototype can be shipped after strict inspection. Because Taowei believes that customers understand products, and customers believe in the brand and quality of Tuowei, they will place orders. Therefore, the extension model only pays 200% of the effort to make the product close to perfection. Only in this way can the customer's trust be rewarded.

extension model Major prototype for 15 years, located in Fuyong Phoenix industrial zone, it has grown from two or three equipment at the beginning of 2002 to more than 50 cnc processing equipment, 3D printers imported from Israel, and an independent re-mold processing department, from product proofing to mass production, one-stop service, the extension model was successfully listed on the new four boards in June this year (Listing code: 667950) Basically, there is no prototype factory of this size in Shenzhen.

have manifold what does a cnc machine do effects, ranging from prototype parts manufacturing to rapid aluminum prototyping.
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