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High precision processing of prototype samples in Guangdong

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-10- 05 15: 52

Our company has rich experience in the production and processing of prototype samples. And in our long-term development, the company is more talented. Each manual team leader has an average length of service of more than 5 years, as well as a professional project manager. Can better assist your product forming problems.

There are many customers who have completed the production of prototype samples with our excellent service. We are also very honored to cooperate with many of the world's top 500 customers. It is also famous in the prototype industry. Our company also purchased multiple five-axis processing machines this year. Accuracy up to ±0. 01, mm.

there has been an engineer who needs a prototype of the robot recently. We saw our information on the Internet and then started looking for a quote with our project manager. We agreed to our processing plan. Our processing team immediately started meticulous processing and production. Our salesman will follow up in real time every day and communicate with customers in time when problems arise. To solve the problem through common consultation.

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