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High precision prototype-Attention to detail

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-06- 10 11: 24

In fact, there are still many main functions of high-precision prototypes, because prototypes are generally a sample, it is also a form of proofing, including the production cycle will be very short, and the manpower and material resources consumed are relatively small, through this prototype model, we can quickly find this product, which is not particularly perfect in the design process, but also needs to be improved, therefore, it provides a very sufficient basis for the final mass production of the product.

is mostly developed due to new products in recent years, the product needs prototype proofing to verify the product, so the high-precision prototype processing is favored by friends, so that more users can feel its new design effect. Only by grasping the corresponding core can we guarantee a higher level of product quality. In addition, during the production of some small parts, it is necessary to carefully process to ensure the size and accuracy, so that when the customer conducts structural verification, the result will be more accurate, thus conducive to the development of new products!

Now the high-precision prototype processing is in full swing in the production process, the extension model suggests that more friends, especially the color and small parts of the fuel injection, need to pay special attention to the key links, so as to ensure the quality of the prototype, make a prototype to satisfy the customer.

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