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How 3D printers forge new art from old etchings

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
If you have a 3D printer on hand, the British Museum will come to your living room soon.
The British Museum, in collaboration with Sketchfab, an online platform that allows users to share and download 3D scans, has created 14 3D models, collections of statues and stone coffins, for anyone to download and print at home.
The museum\'s \"first downloadable collection\" includes granite heads from the 12 th century Egyptian pharaoh aménehart III (around 1800 BC)
The stone statue of the Aztec god ziuhucoatl (
About 1325-1521 AD)
The marble statue of Zeus, which originated in the first century, is described as \"discovery/acquisition\"
Better than stealing.
Villa from Roman emperor Hadrian.
The British Museum follows in the footsteps of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which freely publishes its own set --
The downloadable 3D model is back in 2012.
However, those who crave treasure should remember that when considering the cost of electricity and materials to run a 3D printer, making your own Amenhotep III desktop statue at home may be more expensive than buying a replica at a museum gift store.
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