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how ai is cracking down on designer fakes

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
baby night a few months ago.
Causing insomnia, I stumbled upon the Reddit group \"reply \".
This community of fashionistas (and men)
Focus on finding the best replica designer products
We are not talking about the \"passage\" or \"hermis\" garbage of Bangkok night market and Mumbai connecting road.
These replicas are actually exact replicas made of high quality materials and members go out of their way to check how accurate their purchases are.
member even wrote a 30-
How to get the best page guide (fake)
The Gucci Marmont bag is filled with details such as the number of button holes on the strap, the location of the logo, and the gap between the stitches.
These people are not victims, but participants in the $460 billion counterfeit currency industry, which is getting bigger, smarter and smarter.
However, the fashion industry has found a new ally in the fight against fakes --
Artificial Intelligence.
\"Cutting-edge technology and fashion are often not seen as cousins for kissing,\" said Vidyuth srinowski.
Founder of Entrupy, a company that provides instant certification services for luxury goods for the resale market.
It\'s essentially a scanner.
Like a device connected to a smartphone (
Currently only on iOS).
Their patented software provides millions of microscopic images of real and fake bags, after which the device learns these features and identifies them.
Level 2 or \"pre
Unlike the original retailer, the popular market is more accessible to consumers.
There are independent sellers who have their own website, eBay or Instagram accounts, which is why brands are anxious to make sure that the claims are that their goods are actually real.
Information gap between sales and re-sales
Another product that Arianee wants to fill is sales.
The app\'s mission is to build the first permanent, anonymous and trusted record of luxury goods using blockchain.
The technology is also used in cryptocurrency, like a public ledger, which is maintained in chronological order by several anonymous and credible accountants.
Imagine saying on stage, \"Hey!
I bought this Chanel bag with this serial number!
\"The audience takes this information down on their Ledger and stores it until you want to sell it.
Ownership of the bag will be transferred accordingly.
Thankfully, users of Arianee don\'t need to shout at the stage of imagination or understand blockchain technology to use it.
Colleague of Emmanuelle Collet
The founder said, \"The QR code will appear in the physical warranty card.
The user only needs to scan it and it will automatically transfer to the Arianee database.
\"This certificate is unique and cannot be copied, just like the IMEI number on your phone.
Even if your bag is stolen, you can report it on the blockchain.
So if someone wants to buy it legally and check the serial number, they will immediately know that it was stolen.
Despite the ever-changing technological innovations that lead the fashion trend, one can\'t help but ask:
What happens when good technology falls into the hands of bad people?
\"Artificial intelligence can make better fakes,\" said Ashwini Asokan, founder and CEO of MadStreetDen, an artificial intelligence startup based on computer vision.
\"It can actually help to understand the patterns and signatures of each brand and recreate them.
Asokan and her team have built the world\'s first retail-
Platform based on Vue.
Artificial intelligence, by creating models of skin color and body shape, helps consumers understand the look and feel of clothing.
It uses generative against the network (GAN)
new category of artificial intelligence that generates these virtual models.
Asokan believes that while it will take several years to do so, counterfeit goods can also be manufactured.
However, although this design can be copied, srintro believes that given the luxury brand\'s superior raw materials, it is impossible to create products of the same quality, hand-made by skilled craftsmen. The highly-
For example, the coveted Hermes Birkin package is made only by bag manufacturers that have been carefully screened and trained and graduated from the famous Ecole Gregoire
One of the best training institutions in France.
When it comes to counterfeiting, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is a doubleedged sword.
But Asokan said that verifying and ensuring authenticity is only from the perspective of what it can do for the fashion industry.
She thinks it is entirely possible for AI to change the way luxury goods are produced.
\"Artificial intelligence brings crazy freedom for consumers to participate in the creation of these goods.
With the development of 3D printers and creative artificial intelligence, people can design their own and completely change the face of manufacturing, \"she said, adding that in the future, big companies may not even have the power of consumers.
Counterfeit goods have violated many years of creativity, conception and craftsmanship.
There are also reports of child labor, trafficking, Mafia Wars and other related terrorist incidents that are now part of an illegal market anatomy.
While it is unclear how fashion can make the most of the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence may be the most real opportunity to stop fake products.
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