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How does the plastic prototype factory quote the customer?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-09- 14 22: 45

prototype is mainly to detect the appearance and structure of the newly developed product. When many customers are making prototypes, they are still very concerned about the price, so how does the plastic prototype model factory quote after receiving the drawings sent by the customer? The following is the old driver of the prototype industry--The extension model explains it for you.

In fact, the price of the prototype industry can be said to be relatively transparent, mainly according to the customer's processing accuracy of the prototype and the complexity of the material, prototype structure and process, the cost of prototyping is not uniform, and 3D drawings need to be provided, thousands of pieces can be made, and tens of thousands of pieces can also be made. It is affected by the size, structure, complexity and some surface treatment processes of the product. Those experienced plastic prototype factories are still relatively fast at the time of quotation, and can be quoted within two hours.

so it is said that the same prototype is plastic at the same quality the prototype factory will not be too surprised at the price. If you have the relevant requirements for the production of the original model, you may wish to send the drawings to the customer service QQ of the extension model: 2355718786, and the relevant person in charge will give you the quotation within two hours.

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