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how laser printers work

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Basic knowledge: Finally, the printer passes the paper through a pair of heating rollers.
When the paper passes through these rollers, the loose toner melts and blends with the fibers in the paper.
Fuser scrolls the paper to the output tray and you have finished the page.
Of course, fuser will also heat the paper itself, which is why the pages coming out of the laser printer or copier are always hot.
So, what prevents the burning of paper? Mainly, speed --
The paper passes through the roller so fast that it won\'t get hot.
After the toner is deposited on the paper, the surface of the drum passes through the discharge light.
This bright light exposes the entire photosensitive surface and removes the electrical image.
Then, the surface of the drum reapplies the positive charge through the electric motion sickness line.
This is, conceptually, all of it.
Of course, it\'s much more complicated to put everything together.
In the next section, we\'ll look at the different components in more detail to see how they produce the text and images quickly and accurately.
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