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How the prototype factory made the prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
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The prototype factory can make the prototype model according to the drawings and requirements provided by the customer, and can transform the abstract concept into a specific physical object, so that customers can develop new products better. So when the prototype factory is making the model, it is done in what way.

If the customer wants to do a large prototype, it needs to see how complicated it is. If the structure is relatively simple, the whole process can be processed directly, and the cost of doing so may be a little higher, but the performance of the prototype will also be better; If the prototype is more complicated, it needs to be disassembled to process. Although the disassembly is cheaper, it is not as good as the whole processing in terms of firmness and load-bearing capacity.

If you do the appearance prototype, you need to be exactly the same as the drawing, this requires the prototype factory to pay more attention to the aspect of appearance processing, especially the fuel injection, and there can be no deviation.

If you need to make a structural prototype, also called a functional prototype, such as a car model, the structural prototype must have wheels, the bottom of the car, the body, the frame, as long as it is in the appearance, and it is assembled with scattered parts, which can move around like the real car on the market. At this time, the interior of the prototype needs to be hollow in order to install electronic components.

if there is no problem in making, the mold can be produced in large quantities, this is also a very good business that the prototype factory can customize according to the customer's requirements.

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